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B-Nets WARNING - Use only original components

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B-Nets WARNING - Use only original components (PDF)

The legacy inventories of B-Nets from Vancouver Olympic Winter Games (VANOC) are dispersed across the country to various ski clubs and associations as part of the legacy.

A serious concern that we have with this situation is that sub-components (poles, clips, etc) may become mixed up with our systems currently in widespread use across all Canadian provinces and throughout the USA.

As you are probably aware, our installation guidelines do not allow for any substitution of components and the use of any other non-Barry component will void our warranty and may affect overall performance (ref. document: /publication/barry-b-net-sys-spec-installation-guidelines-an.pdf).

Additionally, the installation method and design premise of our systems differs significantly from those acquired by VANOC for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and of any other systems on the market today.

Specifically, we do not use a «scribed pole approach» (as used on the VANOC inventory and others), otherwise referred to as predetermined rated breaking points (PRBP), as we consider this to be dangerous.

Ref: Scribed B-Net Support Poles - A Dangerous Proposition... /publication/barry-update-scribed-b-net-support-poles-a-dangerous-proposition-01-2009.pdf

The use of scribed poles on our Barry B-Net system is inappropriate and must be avoided.

Furthermore, our net tension is looser and our polycarbonate (PC) support poles are inserted at an angle of 10º uphill and 10º towards the race course which is different from the installation method of the VANOC B-Net inventory and of others.

Please contact us if you have any question concerning the Barry B-Net system.

The Barry team

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