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Concerns Class Frontal-Fixed Rail Ladder (FRL) Fall Protection Systems

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We were recently advised that a safety alert was issued by CSA, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MLO) and the CSST.

This alert concerns Class Frontal-Fixed Rail Ladder (FRL) Fall Protection Systems that are used on vertical access ladders. These systems are presently certified to CSA Standard Z259.2.1-98, Fall Arresters, Vertical Lifelines, and Rails.

A Class Frontal-Fixed Rail Ladder (FRL) [Class FRL] Fall Protection System is a permanently installed metal rail anchoring system used with an automatic fall arresting device called the trolley (carriage). The trolley travels freely on the rail, allowing the worker to use both hands while climbing up or down. Should the worker slip or fall, the device should lock, limiting the worker's fall.

Some Class FRL Fall Protection System may not adequately protect workers who fall backward while connected to a vertical rail.

New requirements intended to address the safety concern are under development by the CSA Technical Committee for Fall Protection Systems. Until all affected products are tested for compliance to the new requirements, employers must take reasonable precautions to protect workers in these circumstances.

We invite you to read the following alerts :

Ministry of Labour of Ontario:

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